Spreading the ✌: April Edition


Piece of Mind Puzzles was inspired by the challenges I faced during my quarter life crisis and my goal is to support those who are feeling “stuck” and need a little boost of inspiration. I want to continue expanding my vision and make this a place where fellow creatives can seek inspiration from not just my puzzles but from other sources too.

I want to connect with artists and brands that have made an impact on me and share their stories. Each month I’ll post a new feature (and maybe even a surprise giveaway) to spread awareness and peace of mind. ✌

April 2018 - Cardtorial

Happy National Small Business Week! 🎉

Supporting small businesses is something I’ve become more passionate about as I began working on my own freelance business. The wonderful thing about owning a small business is, you will eventually find yourself building strong relationships with so many like-minded, resilient individuals who share similar experiences of taking a small idea, like a hobby or a passion project, and turning it into something much bigger.

Last month I had the pleasure of working with a California-native small business, Cardtorial, for a campaign dedicated to International Women’s Day. After working closely with the team and hearing their story, I HAD to feature them in my next entry.

I received an email from Maddy, one of the members from Cardtorial, at the beginning of the year introducing Cardtorial as a small, boutique stationery & gift brand based in Los Angeles. The business is run by an all-female team who care passionately about women’s rights and they were looking to collaborate with female designers to create limited edition, hand-lettered designs for their upcoming campaign. Each design would be laser engraved on their signature wooden cards and journals and 100% of the net proceeds from the special line would be donated to Planned Parenthood.

I immediately fell in love with everything about the business and their project.



Throughout the next month, I worked with the Cardtorial team to come up with a design that best represented womanhood and our story. After spending countless hours on the internet searching for quotes written about women by women, I finally managed to narrow it down to something clean and simple:

“This is just the beginning”.

International Women's Day is a special day to recognize the incredible accomplishments achieved by courageous women around the globe. It's remarkable to see how far we've come, but we can’t forget that our society still has a long way to go to reach gender equality. Just underneath the quote is an illustration of a lotus flower to represent new beginnings, purity, and female beauty.

Limited Edition Cardtorial X @Sparkletters Journal

Special thanks to Cardtorial for the opportunity to participate in a meaningful project and to all the supporters who helped raise money for this campaign. I'm extremely proud to announce the team was able to raise over $1,000 for Planned Parenthood.

Cardtorial was founded by an inspiring fellow Bruin and female entrepreneur, Yvonne Leung. Yvonne started this project six years ago in the heart of SF when her friend introduced her to laser cutting at TechShop. She wanted to create memorable, sustainable cards and began experimenting with wood. While juggling a full-time job in finance and diligently working on her passion project during her free time, Yvonne came to realize she felt more fulfillment from designing these specialty cards and decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to invest in her own laser cutter. Today, Yvonne manages her own studio in Los Angeles and has grown her business from a one woman operation into a team of six creative and strong women.

“I started Cardtorial earlier this year, inspired by my desire to express myself creatively and create something truly special to share with friends and family; I really wanted to make something that would make people smile!” -Yvonne Chueng

 Check out Yvonne's Kickstarter video from 2012:


...and now for the giveaway!!!

This month I’m teaming up with Cardtorial to give away their beautiful, hand-crafted journals! TWO lucky winners will receive a laser-engraved “This Is Just The Beginning” limited-edition journal designed by yours truly. To enter, simply:

  1. Follow @pieceofmindpuzzles and @cardtorial on Instagram
  2. Click here to *Like* my giveaway post
  3. Tag a friend who might also want a Cardtorial journal (who wouldn’t?!)

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, 5/2 at 9PM PST.
Winners will be announced on Friday, 5/4.

Best of luck!!!

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