Spreading the ✌: March Edition

Piece of Mind Puzzles was inspired by the challenges I faced during my quarter life crisis and my goal is to support those who are feeling “stuck” and need a little boost of inspiration. I want to continue expanding my vision and make this a place where fellow creatives can seek inspiration from not just my puzzles but from other sources too.

I want to connect with artists and brands that have made an impact on me and share their stories. Each month I’ll post a new feature (and maybe even a surprise giveaway) to spread awareness and peace of mind. ✌

March 2018 - Passion to Paid

This month I'm featuring a VERY special guest (*hint* she’s an incredibly talented boss lady entrepreneur and letterer) and getting a deeper dive on how Piece of Mind Puzzles came about.

I’ve talked about how Piece of Mind was inspired by the challenges I faced while going through a quarter life crisis. I was a few years out of college and still figuring out what I wanted to do with my career. I wanted to take these stressful moments and share my story through a passion project. 

Luckily, right as I was developing my project my lettering idol, Lauren Hom a.k.a. @homsweethom, was launching her second round of her Passion to Paid online class. The tagline says it all - “How to Use Passion Projects to Get Noticed, Get Clients, and Get Paid!”. It’s a 10-week guided course to help you ideate and launch a meaningful passion project while gaining confidence and control of your creative career. If you look at Lauren’s portfolio, it’s clear that much of her success stems from her putting herself out there and working on both personal and client projects that she’s truly passionate about.

Since I was already working on my passion project and my goal was to get noticed and bring in customers, I knew the curriculum would be a good fit. I decided to sign up to get guidance from Lauren and to surround myself with fellow creatives looking to do great things with their passions and talents.

Fast forward 6 months later, I’ve managed to complete Lauren’s coursework, launch my passion project shortly after, and now I’m here to tell you why YOU should take this class.

Lauren has an amazing teaching style. She’s direct, honest, and detailed with her coursework and at the same time she’s funny, attentive, and self-less as an instructor. She shared weekly videos and write ups that are creative and informative, and committed to tuning in on Facebook Live every Wednesday evening to answer questions and make herself available to her students.

Our Passion to Paid Facebook Community

The most EXCITING moment for me was launching my project and being able to share with the Passion to Paid community my final product. Every member I interacted with during my time in class (and after!) has been so supportive and I'm super impressed and thankful for the amazing community Lauren has been able to create.

Regardless of the skills or experience level you come into the course with, Passion to Paid will help you find a fun, unique, and meaningful passion project that you will pour your heart into. With the help of this class I’ve gained priceless relationships with incredible, talented people in the group, as well as self confidence in my skills and my passion project.

If you want to hear more, here’s a video of me chatting with Lauren a few weeks ago to reflect on my project and talk about all the great things I had to say about this course.

***Enrollment ends March 30!***

If you’re interested in this course, sign up now! 


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